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Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Thu 10. Apr 2014, 15:01
by Wolf
Dr. med. Anton Schlapprizi, born St.Gallen (Switzerland) 30 March 1704, is the last descendant of the Jakob line of Schlapprizi of St.Gallen living in St.Gallen. He moves to Amsterdam and according to St.Gallen records gets married there ... but this is the end of information. He seems not to have had any further contact with his home town, otherwise details would have been recorded in the Citizens' Register.

Any information on him and his family in Amsterdam would be welcome.

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Thu 10. Apr 2014, 16:05
by Wolf
Under I find this baptism:

Name: Anthonij Schlapprizi
Sex: Male
Date of Baptism: 10 Jul 1743
Place of Baptism: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
Name of Father: Anthonij Schlapprizi
Name of Mother: Elisabeth Meijerik

This could be wife and son of the emigrant - can anyone confirm?

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sat 12. Apr 2014, 18:39
by HMiddelhoven
Most likely your assumption is correct. In the notice of marriage records in Amsterdam I could find the following:

inschrijvingsdatum: 10-04-1744
naam bruidegom: Schlapprizi, Antoni
naam bruid: Meijerik, Elisabeth
bronverwijzing: DTB 587, p.208

And in the baptism records with the name Schlapprizi one child:

kind:, Anthonij
doopdatum: 10-07-1743
kerk: Zuiderkerk
godsdienst: Hervormd
vader: Schlapprizi, Anthonij
moeder: Meijerik, Elisabet
getuige: [van] Loo, Hendrik
getuige: Hesselink, Gerritie
bronverwijzing: DTB 101, p.482(folio 241v), nr.14

Record here (image 248 from 619, left hand side): ... ,382252001

Perhaps there is more to find at the Amsterdam Archives site?

See: ...


With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sat 12. Apr 2014, 18:42
by HMiddelhoven
... and in the funeral records:

ingeschrevene: Schlapprizi, Anthonie
datum begrafenis: 29-05-1748
begraafplaats: Nieuwe Kerk en Engelse Kerk
bronverwijzing: DTB 1058, p.139vo en p.140

ingeschrevene: Meijerik, Elizabeth
ingeschrevene: Sihlapprizi, Anthoni
datum begrafenis: 22-01-1748
begraafplaats: Wester Kerk en Kerkhof
bronverwijzing: DTB 1122, p.92vo en p.93
relatieinformatie: Huisvrouw van

ingeschrevene: Schlapprizi, Anthoni
datum begrafenis: 17-11-1764
begraafplaats: Wester Kerk
bronverwijzing: DTB 1105, p.19vo en p.20

See image 109 of 242, right hand side: ... ,382899501

With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sat 12. Apr 2014, 21:59
by Wolf
Thank you very much for this information - very useful, though I am not sure whether I understand all of it (especially the death notices) correctly. Let me summarize:

Anthonij Schlapprizi is baptised on 10 July 1743, the (illegitimate) son of Anthonij Schlapprizi and Elisabet Meijerik.

The parents then get married on 10 April 1744.

Then we have the burial of Elizabeth Meijerik, wife of Anthoni Schlapprizi on 22 Jan 1748.

Finally we have two burials of Anthonie and Anthoni Schlapprizi on 29 May 1748 and 17 Nov 1764 respectively - but who is the father, who the son?

I take it that your information has been taken from a database which may not include additional information like e.g. the deceased being a widower or the age at death - correct?

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 10:07
by HMiddelhoven
Correct, the databases do not reveal much more. One would need to see the actual record (or a copy) to know for sure.

However, when one searches in other Dutch databases, a potential answer is revealed elsewhere, see: HERE

"Het was den Geneesheer Schlapprizi, die in 't jaar 1764 overleden is, die haar in deze laatste krankheid bijgestaan, en in dien tijd aan veele Geneesheren het gemelde geval verhaald heeft. Hij was een een bejaard en zeer geloofwaardig Man, en geen vijand van de Inenting, die hij zelfs, jonger zijnde, in de WestIndien, aan slaven hadt geoeffend: ook is dit geval hier ter plaatze vrij rugtbaar geworden".

From above one can conclude that the son died soon after the mother, and the dr Schlapprizi died in 1764 at old age.

With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 10:33
by HMiddelhoven
Checked Family Search once more, and there seems to be more children in this marriage?


christening: 10 July 1743, Anthonij Schlapprizi
christening: 15 November 1744, Maria Alida Schlappreti
christening: 2 March 1746, Jacob Hendrik Schlappriti

Note that the surname is spelled differently.

With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 16:04
by HMiddelhoven
The mentioning of West-Indies provides further search options. One can identify an article with the title "A ships surgeon on chocolate disease" in the Dutch Journal of Medicine (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde), published in 1975:

See: ... ziekte/pdf

In here we read that "...een verhandeling van van Doctor Schlapprizi over febris putrida of synochus putridis in West-Indie waardoor deze 'Medicinae Doctor geworden, 't geen op 't gewone uur en plaats te Harderwijk is gebeurd is op den 2 Julij 1740' ...."

He earned his Dr degree with a thesis on chocolate disease in West-Indies on July 2nd 1740 in Harderwijk. In the text it is also revealed when he was in the West-Indies (Curacao):

" .... maakt melding van de reizen van Schlapprizi naar Curacao in 1738 en 1739, van zijn promotie in Harderwijk en bespreekt in het kort diens ervaringe op de Bredenroode ..."

"..De Bredenroode maakte onder kapitein Leijnslager van 15 november 1740 tot 26 oktober 1741 een reis naar Curacao. Hiervan werd o.a. door de luitenant L. graaf Van Bijlandt een journaal bijgehouden dat het besproken manuscript aanvult. Daarin wordt vermeld dat de chirurgijn Doctor Slapritzy was.

With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 18:12
by HMiddelhoven
Further research in Dutch sources reveals it was not Anthoni/Anthonie/Anthonij (junior) who died in 1748 in Amsterdam.

1) A copy of the actual record in 1748 can be found here (image 144 of 375, right hand side): ... ,382868901

"29. een kind van Anthonie Schlapprizi". With the knowledge above, this child is more likely to be either Maria Alida or Jacob Hendrik.

2) It can't be Anthonij Schlapprizi (junior), as he shows up as medical student, 23 years of age, in Leiden in 1765 (image 170 -172 of 368): ... 233788dc1b (click inzien register).

"De heer Anthonij Schlapprizi, med. stud. alhier, oud drieentwintig jaren, mij notaris bekend ..."

There he published his thesis in 1766: "Dissertatio pathologico - practica inauguralis de vitiata lochiorum qualitate , quam. pro gradu doctoratus , summisque in medicina honoribus".

See for example: ... offset=416, or ... edir_esc=y

With kind regards

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 19:02
by Wolf
HMiddelhoven wrote:"29. een kind van Anthonie Schlapprizi". With the knowledge above, this child is more likely to be either Maria Alida or Jacob Hendrik.
Is this a book of fees collected for burials?

What does "Deese Week niet Begraven" imply - no fee for burials which haven't taken place? Would be fair enough - but why mention it?

Looking at the entire page (changing over to May before the above quoted entry) this would be dated 29 May 1748 ... but more important: who was buried? If the child's name is not mentioned I would expect this to be a fairly newborn, possibly not yet baptised child. But the (assumed) mother died 22 Jan 1748 - might still be during or due to child birth - but within 5 months I would expect a child to have been baptised ... so still could be either Maria Alida or Jacob Hendrik with the name not metioned for some other reason.

Our knowledge as of today

Posted: Sun 13. Apr 2014, 21:35
by Wolf

Re: Schlapprizi in Amsterdam

Posted: Mon 14. Apr 2014, 20:05
by HMiddelhoven
Yes, this is the book of fees for burials

"Deese Week niet Begraven" equals "this week not burried"

Further via FS perhaps the baptism of the mother is identified?

Name: Elisabeth Meijerik
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 11 Jul 1717
Christening Place: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Father's Name: Gerrit Meijerik
Mother's Name: Gerritje Hesselink

With kind regards