Brönnimann im Kanton Bern

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Brönnimann im Kanton Bern

Post by KendalB »

Originally published under Brönnimann in Oberdiessbach

I'm so sorry for writing in English, I don't speak nor read German and I don't trust Google translate to do a good job! :-) I'm a Brenneman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, currently living in France and looking for relatives in Switzerland. I found your post and would love to talk! My ancestor is Melchior Brenneman, and I'm related through his son Melchior who came to Pennsylvania, then his son Adam, Isaac, Martin, Abraham, Christian, Jacob, my grandfather Jay, my father Thomas, and then me (I'm a woman so I won't be carrying on the name, but I have 2 brothers who can). I'm passing through Switzerland this summer and would love to find some relatives. Please contact me! Thanks.

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Re: Brönnimann im Kanton Bern

Post by Wolf »

Welcome to the forum, Kendal 8-).

A technical comment first: forget google translate - is magnitudes better.

Now for your question: Brönnimann is a fairly widespread surname in canton Bern with "old" (i.e. pre-1800) citizenships in
- Linden
- Belp
- Gurzelen
- Köniz
- Münsingen
- Niedermuhlern
- Oberbalm
- Zimmerwald
Several of these lines have been researched by Billeter.

For further research it would be useful to know the place of citizenship of your ancestors. What do you know about the Melchiors (father and son) ... dates, names of their wifes, hints about where they held citizenship, ... ?

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen
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Re: Brönnimann im Kanton Bern

Post by hhg »

another welcome, from someone who cannot help you to meet Swiss relatives. My comment may even shatter your pedigree (hahah), as, in my eyes, the current infos about early Brenneman ancesters are not very reliable.

As a matter of fact, numerous Brennemanns have, or had anabaptist background. Evident, too, that Melchior Brenneman (b. about 1632, m. 1865 at Wichtrach, Canton Bern, to Barbara Reusser) was involved into anabaptism. Seven of their children are recorded, but several of those that are linked to him in family histories miss - most of all any Melchior junior. As far as I know, no one ever found solid hints to connect familes abroad to that Melchior senior.

Off topic, if you are sure about your ancesters had emigrated to Pennsylvania in early 1700: I have quite solid infos for the offspring of one Nicolaus Brenneman, b. about 1736, died 1789 at Braunshardt, Hesse, Germany, with descendents in Illinois, Iowa, and Ontario. IF you are interested to exchange on that subject, send a PN.

Good luck anyway for your trip to Bern!

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Re: Brönnimann im Kanton Bern

Post by bstahly »

I believe that many Brennemans from North America claim descent from Melchior Brönnimann, who married Christina Reusser in Wichtrach in 1655. This family baptized five children in the parish of Oberdiessbach. Barbara, baptized in 1670, was apparently the last child baptized in Oberdiessbach, after which the family emigrated to the Pfalz, probably because of their Anabaptist beliefs. The couple's two eldest children, Christian and Hans, were baptized in Steffisburg, which was the place of origin of Christina Reusser. Several additional children may have been born in the Pfalz.

Dutch authorities documented this family in the Pflaz in 1672. The archives indicate they had seven children, all of which can be accounted for in the Swiss parish records. In April 1672, the Dutch authorities providing aid to the Anabaptist refugees in the Pfalz listed the Melchior Brönnimann family as being on the Fischbacherhof, near Hochspeyer and Enkenbach.

Many North American Brennemans claim descent from Melchior the emigrant, a presumed son of Melchior (the elder) and Christina Reusser. The problem, as Helmut notes, is that records for the birth of this son have not been located. The Oberdiessbach parish records do record the baptism of a child of Melchior Brönnimann in 1668, but no gender or forename is cited in the baptismal entry. It is possible that that this unnamed child born in 1668 is in fact Melchior the emigrant, but as far as I know there is no definite proof.

Stähli aus Sigriswil, BE

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