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Fragen und Antworten zu Geneal-Tree
Questions & answers/réponses conc. Geneal-Tree
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Geneal-Tree Instructions

Post by Nico » Sun 29. Mar 2015, 16:22

Geneal-Forum has recently been enhanced with a new feature: Geneal-Tree was added.
This new function enables all registered users to publish her/his own research results.
Please, follow these instructions to do this:

1. Open Geneal-Tree
- either directly at
- or by clicking on the new button "Geneal-Tree" in the Menu.
- Then select your language.

2. Create your user account
- via
- or by clicking (within Geneal-Tree) on the button "Register for a User Account"
- Fill in the form, accept the conditions and click on apply.

3. The application will be checked by the administrator (please, allow some time). You will be notified by mail about the acceptance, including your password.

4. Export a Gedcom file with your genealogy programme. Make sure
- to export only the fields you want to publish on Geneal-Tree;
- to use the character set UTF-8.

5. Login to Geneal-Tree (
Then proceed as follows:
- select the "administration" submenu;
- click on "import/export data"
- select the previously created gedcom file and "import".
Then follow further instructions on the screen.

Your ancestral data are now online and may be consulted by all visitors of the site.
Data of living persons or persons marked "private" will not be displayed.
Comments and references will be shown.

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