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BAUSPIES aus Sachsen

Posted: Mon 20. Feb 2017, 17:43
by rineza
Hello, actually living in France, I am looking for any information concerning William Martin BAUSPIES and Caroline KREISMANN. Their arrival in the US is between 1850/1855, but I have not yet been able to locate their port of arrival. On William's death certificate in Chicago Illinois, it stated that he was from the Kingdom of Saxony ( what area/lander is that?) He died in Chicago in 1890 and was 65 years old, putting his birth around 1825.
Caroline was born in 1832 according to her death certificate.
Thank you for any insight.

Rita Pujolas

Re: BAUSPIES aus Sachsen

Posted: Fri 24. Feb 2017, 09:17
by pollie
Hallo Rita.
Information zu Bauspies-Kreismann.

Viele Grüße.

Re: BAUSPIES aus Sachsen

Posted: Fri 24. Feb 2017, 12:57
by rineza
Thank you.
I already have that information as all the BAUSPIES is the Chicago area are related to Martin and Caroline KREISMAN, my great great grandparents. I would like to figure out their area of origin in Germany so I can plan my trip to that area.