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Henry Müller (d. 1898, England)

Posted: Mon 18. Feb 2019, 07:34
by AdamMcGregor

Sorry but I don’t speak German. However, I am struggling to research my German ancestry.

My 4x great-grandparents were:

Henry Miller/Müller, born in Germany in around 1828. Son of John, a bricklayer. He died in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England in 1898.
Elizabeth White, born in Germany in around 1821. Daughter of Francis, a carpenter. She died in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England, in 1890.
Both were musicians, although apparently not professional ones.
They married in a Protestant church in 1848, and all but one child was christened a Protestant. One was christened at a Catholic church in Newark in 1854.
The only other Miller in Newark at the same time was a Matthias Miller, born in Germany in around 1831 (also a musician), son of Frederick.

I’d appreciate any help!