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Wiedertäufer ERNST

Posted: Sun 26. Jun 2005, 17:09
by Wolf
Bruce W. Rodeheaver fragt: "I'm related to the Ernst (Earnest - by way of my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Earnest Rodeheaver) and the the United States Branch according to A.H. Ernst of South Africa. He has a detailed Site with all the details. While conducting my research at the Pennsylvania State Library - Harrisburg , Pennsylvania ( USA ) I noticed a religious reference to the Ernst name. It appears a man named Ernst high up in the Mennonite Religious Group had a dogmatic difference with another religious leader of the the same religious group. Ernst's commanding influence and conviction is reported to have caused the (later) Amish to leave the Mennonite Religious Group and begin their long trek to the United States. Would there be any of Mr. Ernst's kin in the area circa the late 1600's Amish departure ? This split remains embeded deep within the heart of the Amish Community today. Robert Alan Rodeheaver, a cousin, asked me to locate any possible siblings unknown to him since his mother and father parted ways early in his childhood. His Grandfather was amish. I mentioned this to an older Open Amish man and cited Robert's unresolved quest to find his siblings. The scowl look on the man's face told the complete picture. Any Ernst listings of the past would help."

Deutsche Zusammenfassung: Gesucht werden Informationen zu einem Wiedertäufer namens ERNST, der einen erheblichen Einflussauf die Wiedertäuferbewegung hatte und mit seinen religiösen Überzeugungen zur späteren Trennung der Amischen von den Mennoniten beitrug. Kann hier jemand helfen? Erwünscht wären weiter Kontakte zu heute in der Schweiz lebenden Nachkommen.

Wiedertäufer ERNST

Posted: Mon 28. Jul 2008, 01:01
by nonickname

Ernst in German in normally is a firstname, sometimes he appears as surname. So you are sure, it is the first name. Do you have informations about his living places.

As far as I know there was no Mr. Ernst involved in the splite of the Mennonite Church after 1693.

The leader of the Amish Movement was Jacob Aman / Amann. Tipp: Take a combination of this words, my be you wil find Ernst.