Baldinger im Kanton Aargau

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Baldinger im Kanton Aargau

Beitrag von Louis » Fr 6. Apr 2018, 16:55

This is my first post, I apologize if I have posted this incorrectly. Also I do not speak German but I can have someone translate for me if needed.

I am researching my 4x great-grandparents who lived in Algeria. According to this document: http://anom.archivesnationales.culture. ... te=1000165
their names were Anna Baldinger and Rudolph Baumberger. Anna Died December 1842 in Algeria and she was born in 1779 in Canton of Aargau, possibly Holderbank. I do not know anything about Rudolph other than he was either a Shepard or farmer.

I believe the death cert states that her father was Jacque and that her mother was Claire Ann Duscher. As I’ve seen with other Algerian records, it is far more likely that her Father’s name is Johann but it has been romanticized due to the French nature of the document.

I know for a fact that they had at least three daughters:
Anna (My 3x Great Grandmother) - Married Jacque (Johann) Braunwarth: http://anom.archivesnationales.culture. ... &acte=1608
Elisabeth - Married Antoine Bertrand: http://anom.archivesnationales.culture. ... &acte=1129
Marguerite - Married Jean Baptiste Bertrand: http://anom.archivesnationales.culture. ... cte=278895

Now family rumor states that she was related to a family of considerable political clout in Switzerland and Germany. Specifically the word “diplomat” gets thrown around by the oldest living relatives. If this is correct than I believe that these individuals may be related:

A item decorated with a family crest, presumably referring to a family bible, was passed down through the generation’s. Unfortunately it was stolen by a unidentified cousin from my great-great aunt during the 60s, and the last person known to have seen it passed away several years before I started my search.
It is possible that it is referring to this family: ... eschlecht)

Of course, as with all family myths and legends, I do not know if any of this is true. This side of the family has had quite a few legends. Surprisingly, all others have been proven true, albeit with some exaggeration. I have faith that there is SOME truth to the “politician” story, though it most likely is not as fanciful as I would like.

What I need is to find a birth certificate or marriage certificate for the 4x -great grandparents as well as trees for the above family and politicians. Canton of Aargau seems to have no digital records online and I do not know where I should go next. Any help is truly appreciated.

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Re: Baldinger im Kanton Aargau

Beitrag von Wolf » Fr 6. Apr 2018, 19:17

Welcome to the forum, Louis !

Conventions in forums are not always self-explanatory ... so don't take my comment as criticism. We always discuss single families (usually defined by name and place of citizenship) in any single topic ... if two families are related (usually by marriage), the two topics can be linked to each other. For Braunwarth (seems to be a German, not Swiss name) a separate topic should be started.

You mention Holderbank as possible place of birth for Anna Baldinger. According to the Register of Swiss Surnames, Baldinger have held citizenship of Holderbank since before 1800 - but it is not the only community. Baldinger have also held citizenship since then in Baden, Lengnau, Rekingen, and Zurzach (all Aargau). For this reason I have renamed your posting to "Baldinger im Kanton Aargau" for the time being: once we know for sure, Holderbank is the place of citizenship for your line, this can be updated.

Now for your questions. The first step should be to find Anna Baldinger's baptismal record - which (most likely) will indicate her father's (and consequently her) place of citizenship. Holderbank church records will be the place to start - unfortunately these records are not online, not even filmed by the Mormons: someone will have to visit the State Archive (unless there is another possibility, I'm not aware of).

Family lore: quite a lot of it in my family as well ... partly with a grain of truth, partly simply invented ... so I recommend to be cautious and don't try to find a link from family lore to your proven ancestors ... always go in the other direction! If the lore is correct, you'll find the connection this way as well.

You mention two Baldingers:
Kastor Joseph Dominik Baldinger was a citizen of Baden AG (not Holderbank).
Emil Albert Baldinger also was a citizen of Baden AG (not Holderbank).
Consequently, if your line was from Holderbank, a relation is not impossible, but you may have to go back a few generations to find it. Also - the Baden line was catholic, the Holderbank line most likely reformed.

You mention a Baldinger Coat of Arms: this is a family in Ulm (Württemberg, Germany). A connection to the Aargau Baldingers would have to be established - and even if it exists, this does not automatically mean the Aargau lines are entitled to use this Coat of Arms.

I am sorry to start with all sorts of cautions, and cannot really help you to find Anna Baldinger's baptismal record, as Aargau is not my region of research (and I have never been to their State Archive).

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen


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