Basel Anabaptists and Flickingers

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Basel Anabaptists and Flickingers

Beitrag von robinfmg » Mo 7. Mai 2018, 06:47

Greetings: I am searching for relatives who were Anabaptists, name of Fluckiger (Flickinger). They were originally from Rohrbach by Huttwil, Canton Bern. The family lived south of the Rhein River near Basel. Any details about Anabaptist communities will be helpful.
The time frame was 1680 - 1750. Thank you for any leads that you can provide.
Robin Flickinger Gaynor Washington State, USA

John Doh
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Re: Basel Anabaptists and Flickingers

Beitrag von John Doh » Mo 7. Mai 2018, 10:18

Hi Robin

If you search for "Flückiger" on this site, you will come by a few threads about Flückiger from Rohrbach and Huttwil. In Switzerland, the most relevant lead for genealogy research is actually the "Heimatort" which, for your Flückigers, seems to be Rohrbach / Huttwil in the canton of Berne.

The church records of the canton of Berne are online so you can review them on the homepage of the archive of the canton of Berne., search for "Kirchenbücher Huttwil". As your ancestors were anabaptists, you might not be lucky with the "Taufrodel" (baptism records) if they were not baptized or did not baptize their children. However, there are also marriage and death records so perhaps you find something - provided you can read old German handwriting that is...

Another good idea might be to contact the good folk at It's a center of anabaptist theology and they do have archives and could probably help you with your research.

Good luck with your research!

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Re: Basel Anabaptists and Flickingers

Beitrag von hhg » Di 8. Mai 2018, 06:39


to untangle genealogies of Swiss anabaptists is a challenge, because of their migrations, the same first names showing in each family, the multiple "cross-marriages" within fellow-believers, and most of all the incredible number of descendents. You will find many Flückiger individuals in Bernese churchbooks, could trace some families over few generations, and get hints about one or another Anabaptist namesake. In regard of searching YOUR relatives, it would be more promising to post what you have about the individual that lived near Basel, such as name, estimated age, spouse, period of emmigration ...

Anabaptist communities 1680-1750 are a rather wide-ranging matter, too. Some remained in Bernese cantons, major congregations exsisted around today's Swiss/French/German border, or on both sides of the Rhine river further up - not to mention early AB settlers in Pennsylvania. There are endless books and internet publications for general infos. I could answer some questions, on amateur level, send a PM if you are interested.

Good luck!

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Re: Basel Anabaptists and Flickingers

Beitrag von hpj » Fr 8. Jun 2018, 11:47

Hi Robin,
you wrote that "your" anabaptist Flückiger families lived "south of the Rhein River near Basel" between 1680 an 1750. In my large data collection about Basel anabaptists these folks don't show up. But "near Basel" might be beyond the Basel territory in the strict sense, e.g. in the Bishopric further southwest, or further south beyond the Basel borders e.g. in the canton of Solothurn or the northeastern edge of the canton of Bern.
Joe Springer in his monumental study about the Montbéliard Mennonite Church Registers (Vol2, p676) indeed mentions an Ulrich Flückiger oo Katharina Kennel who moved from Attiswil (Bernese territory, 35 south of Basel, cf. to Montbéliard ca. 1752.
Might this be "your" line?


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