Bourquard von Boécourt-Séprais JU

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Bourquard von Boécourt-Séprais JU

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The following quotes have been copied from Joliat von Courtételle JU. From now details on Bourquard should be discussed here and Joliat in Joliat von Courtételle JU.
amywelborn wrote:Henry Juliot, born about 1811, married (date?)
Victoria Bourcart/Bourquard/Burkart, born about 1827. Parents were Joseph Boucart (born about 1800) and Mary Catherine Raberiner (born about 1800).
RolandW wrote:This is what I found:
JOLIAT Henri Joseph and BOURQUARD Marie Catherine Victoria - Marriage (wedding) 21. November 1848 in Boécourt JU.
BOURQUARD Marie Catherine Victoria - Naissance (birth) 13. September 1828.
amywelborn wrote:Victoria is shown with her husband and children in the 1860 US census records with what I assumed is her brother named "Joseph Bourguard, age 29, status-insane".
RolandW wrote:Just an idea. Joseph, her brother, could be BOURQUARD Pierre Joseph born in Boécourt on 01/06/1830.

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Re: Bourquard von Boécourt-Séprais JU

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Jura Archives shared this with me in 2017:
The year of the Lord 1848, November 21, after having announced once during the solemn mass of Sunday, both in our parish church and those of Courtételle and Glovelier, and after receiving our reverend bishop the necessary exemptions for the following two announcements, after having detected no impediment, I the priest of the church Saint Etienne de Boécourt, and by their mutual consent, I blessed the marriage of Henri Joseph Joliat, legitimate son of François Joliat and Marie Rose born Conte, spouses of Courtételle on the one hand ... and Marie Catherine Victoire Bourquard, 20 years old, legitimate daughter of Pierre François Joseph Bourquard and deceased Marguerite, born Bourquard, spouses of Boécourt, of on the other hand, in the canton of Berne, and according to custom, in the presence of witnesses underwritten, namely François Bernard, said Boécourt, François Joliat de Courtételle, brother of the husband, and Jean Baptist iste Bourquard, of Boécourt, brother of the wife. What I attest: L. Mérat, priest of Boécourt.
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