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Metz von Littau LU

Beitrag von Jimi Metz » Mi 8. Aug 2018, 15:46

my family are searching for our ancestors who are from Switzerland. We would be very thankful if anyone recognized some of them.

Josef Metz from Romoos. Was a clockmaker. Born ca 1860. Married to:
Maria josefa Hammer from Schwarzenberg.

Alfred Metz born 1897-04-19 in Littau. Married to:
Wilhelmina Katharina Meier, born 1886-1938

Alfred was a cheesemaker who migrated to Finland.

We have recieved information from the city archive in Luzern, that Josef metz maybe is not the father of Alfred Metz. This would change alot for us if this is true.

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Re: Metz von Littau LU

Beitrag von Felber » Sa 11. Aug 2018, 16:49


According to the birth record of Alfred Metz (Staatsarchiv Luzern, A 976/2033), born on April 19th 1897 in Littau, his parents were Josef Metz, watchmaker of unknown place of living at that time, and Maria Josefa Hammer from Schwarzenberg. His parents married on July 14th 1892 in Luzern (Staatsarchiv Luzern, A 976/2042). The year 1882 on the marriage record must be a mistake: the following marriage was in 1892 and the marriage Metz-Hammer was written down on July 16th 1892. According to the marriage record Josef Metz was born in Werthenstein on January 13th 1861, son of Josef Metz and Elisabeth Schärli. Maria Josefa Hammer was born on December 26th 1863 in Littau, daughter of Josef Hammer and Anna Maria Schriber. If you want copies of the two entries I can upload them here.

Why do the information from the city archive in Luzern make you doubt that Josef was the father of Alfred?

Luckily the Mormons have digitalized most of the church records from Luzern on FamilySearch. The birth record of Josef Metz can be found here, number 4. He was baptized in Wolhusen from where that record is from. The community Werthenstein had an own parish but some parts of the community belonged to the parish Wolhusen. The father of Josef was a brick layer. The marriage Metz-Schärli can also be found in Wolhusen on March 3th 1840.

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