Fochetti von Brione sopra Minusio TI

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Fochetti von Brione sopra Minusio TI

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My name is Jenny from California, USA. I am new here. I am researching some family from Canton Ticino. The Fochetti family to be specific.
Would someone familiar with this Canton please be willing to assist me?
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Grund: urspr. Titel: Hello, looking for FOCHETTI family of Canton Ticino. Help?

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Re: Fochetti von Brione sopra Minusio TI

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Welcome to the forum !

According to the Register of Swiss Surnames Brione sopra Minusio is the only "old" (since before 1800) place of citizenship for Fochetti. As late as 1940 and 1946 lines from there gained citizenship of the city of Zürich.

As I am not familiar with research in Ticino, that's all I can tell you - but also give you an advice: general questions like yours rarely get useful responses; you should describe what you know already, e.g. what is the name of the oldest ancestor you know of - and when was (s)he born or married (even if only calculated or guesstimated).

I wish you success with the forum - Wolf

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen


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