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Zilli im Kanton Thurgau

Posted: Sat 18. Apr 2020, 06:06
by Anthony.Zilly
Would anyone have any information on David Zilli line and his connection to the Sankt Gallen Zyli family? I am looking to connect the Sankt Gallen Zyli family to Hans Nikolaus Zilli (b1672 - d1739 Soellingen-Durlach, Baden) or the Zilli family line in Traubach-le-Bas, Alsace. Thank you in advance.

1. David Zilli
m1643-11-05 Thurgau, SWI - Cleophe Stoeckli
2. Hanss Zilli (b1646 Thurgau, SWI)
2. David Zilli (b1648 Thurgau, SWI)

Re: Zilli im Kanton Thurgau

Posted: Sat 18. Apr 2020, 11:57
by Wolf
Welcome to the forum :D !

I don't find a suitable David in Stemmatologia Sangallensis - not even as a son (without his own family sheet).

For any further reasearch the Thurgau records should be checked: in which parish did David get married, or were the sons baptised?

Stöckli have been citizens since before 1800 in canton Thurgau in Ermatingen, Romanshorn, and Uttwil. If you have no other clue where to start your search, these might be your best bet.

Only Zili should be discussed here - for Stöckli or other maternal lines a new topic should be started.

Re: Zilli im Kanton Thurgau

Posted: Sat 18. Apr 2020, 19:26
by Bochtella
Grüezi Anthony.Zilly,

gemäss dem Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz, Auflage 1989, finden sich in der Schweiz:
• Keine Zilli mehr
• Jedoch Zillig von Muolen SG
• Jedoch Züllig von Egnach TG, Frasnacht TG, Oberaach TG, Obersommeri TG, Roggwil TG, Romanshorn TG, Salmsach TG, Schönenbaumgarten TG und Steinach SG.

Aus welcher Quelle stammen die Angaben vom 05.11.1643 betreffen David Zilli und Cleophe Stoeckli?
Welcher Konfession gehörten David Zilli und Cleophe Stoeckli an?