Praloran in Kreuzlingen TG

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Praloran in Kreuzlingen TG

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Being looking for information on my ancestors, I send you this email hoping that you can help me.

I know that my maternal grandparents were born in Kreuzlingen and that my maternal great grandparents lived there.
Unfortunately i don't know where they lived.

My grandfather Antonio Praloran was born in Switzerland on February 10, 1913 and died on September 01, 1951 in Belgium.
My grandmother Yolanda Faccinetto was born in Switzerland on May 18, 1913 and died on February 06, 2005 in Belgium too.
My grandparents got married on July 20, 1944 in Belluno (Italy).
Then they came to Belgium to escape poverty and my grandfather worked as a miner.
After the death of my grandfather my grandmother repatriated my grandfather's body to Italy.

Then the two families never spoke to each other again.

I hope you can help me find my ancestors because I am desperately looking to reconnect with the family !!!

Thank you
Van Heacke Fabienne from Belgium

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Re: Praloran in Kreuzlingen TG

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Welcome to the forum, Fabienne 8-) !

Your question cannot be answered easily - for two reasons:
- your grandparents don't seem to have become Swiss citizens, so some helpful sources will not exist;
- the time frame is 20th century, where access to sources is restricted by different types of data protection.

As you have place and date of birth of your grandparents, you could request copies of the birth register entries from the Civil Registration Office in charge: ... .html/6499. You will likely be asked to prove you are a direct descendant.

Then you seem to be more interested in getting in touch with descendants living today. Even if the Office had any information on them (like an address) the Civil Registration Ordinance does not allow them to give it to you.

The telephone directory shows four entries Praloran. These may not be related you you, however: the Register of Swiss Surnames lists a Praloran line, originating from Italy and gaining citizenship of Stansstad NW in 1946.

Wolf Seelentag, St.Gallen
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